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Originally Posted by Bimmerlover76 View Post
First of all, my friend... AWESOME pics! Thank you very much for posting.

Second, what in the mother of all that is Holy is a flippin' Kia doing amongst this royalty? Also, there's a blue convertible Beetle about halfway up, did it have Porsche wheels on it?! I know they are kin, but... No... Those wheels, if they are Porsche, do not belong on the Beetle. Sorry. lol

Again, thank you very much, and I look forward to your response!

Frankfurt is also known by Germans as Bankfurt. Because all the banks that are based in Frankfurt. The German DAX (stock exchange) is also based in Frankfurt. Frankfurt am Main is also known as Mainhatten - a refference to all the skyscrapers - making up Frankfurt's skyline, like NYC.

Btw... a lot of the nice collector cars had crazy prices on them. Like all those Porsche 356's in the one corner... they were just normal 356 B cabroilet or a Super90 and they wanted over 100k euros for them each!! I think one had a price of 130K euros!! Crazy prices.

KIA Motors(DE) is also based in Frankfurt. That Kia Soul was a concept car called the "Soul Diva". It had way too much gold and diamonds (I think?) for my tastes.

I really am not sure what the deal was with that blue Beetle with the Porsche wheels. The wheels were real Porsche Boxster wheels. As I recall it did not have a Porsche engine, but a mod'd VW boxer air cooled motor.

I was kind of hoping to see a Oettinger tuned VW's at Klassikstadt - since Oettinger is just North of Frankfurt. But I did not see any.

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PS: Next month I will be going back to Klassikstadt for another visit. Since all teh cars are constantly changing (fluid) IF I see anything really tastey I will be sure to post my pics here!