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Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
I'm glad you are OK. The car is replaceable and it is fortunate that you did not injure yourself of anyone else. I don't kinow what your driving or track experience is but that accident was clearly your fault and was due to driver error. Do not get the impression that I am playing "Holier than thou" because I am not. A number of years ago I destroyed a very nice car due to poor judgement and driver error. Fortunately I was not injured and neither was my passenger but since that day when I want to play race car driver I do it at the track.

Modern performance cars can give a false sense of security. The limits are very high and most drivers have never pushed them to the limits let alone over the limits (and you will never know what the limits are until you have exceded them). Obviously this is not something that should be done on public roads. There are a number of high perfromance driving schools available that will teach you vehicle dynamics, how to learn the limits of the car and what to do when those limits are exceeded. I see a lot of "It feels like it is cornerning on rails" in these forums. This can encourage you to take corners faster and faster and eventually the car is going to break traction. If you have never experienced this before and don't know what to do there is a good chance that you will loose control of the vehcle. Unfortunately many drivers only experience with a skid was the one just before the crash. It appears that you learned from your mistake and not make the same one again. Quite frankly I would rather be sharing the road with someone who learned from a mistake than someone who thinks he is invinceable.

Bottom line - nobody was injured.

VERY well said

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