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Originally Posted by Voltigeur View Post

I'm planning on driving a 991 CS2: is a lot of money but if careful w/ options maybe $110k is do-able. Not ready yet to 'divorce' my M3 which I still love driving, but the hankering is there.

I'm in the same boat. I love my M3 and don't want to get rid of it especially since I did European Delivery. I'm just worried that by the time I am ready to get another car the value of the M3 will fall too much. The new 991S is being praised by everyone with the exception of the people that just bought a new 997 and even some of those admit it is a much better car than the old one. The C2S with better rims, Sport Plus seats, full leather, PDK and SC is enough and is about $110,000. I may go test drive the car but I don't see myself getting it for another year when the dealers may start dipping into the large profit they make on these cars.