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Originally Posted by kunit1994 View Post
Are there any other brake kits that can compare the the GTR kit?
What are you using the car for? Dual purpose? Track car? Racing?

Originally Posted by shizzle View Post
From what I understand, the main difference between the Brembo GTR and GT kits is that the GTR doesn't need to be rebuilt as often, allows more rotor sizes and is lighter.

If you're using your car for hardcore tracking, you might want to take a look at the AP Racing kit (the OEM BMW GT4 kit), or something from the likes of Endless or Performance Friction.

Otherwise, checkout Alcon, Stoptech, AP Racing, or the GT kit from Brembo. They'll probably give you similar performance for regular track use, although they may require a rebuild sooner than the GTR (although the GTR kit is pretty much double the price of these 'regular' BBK).
Yup. The GT-R is basicly a club racing kit that can be used on street cars. It offers the performance of club racing kits but maintains the durability of the street kits in terms of NVH, resistence to the weather, and service requirements. GT-R calipers are made from billet aluminum. GT has dust boot with a single inner piston seal, GT-R does not have dust boot but has dual inner piston seals to prevent dust and other elements from contaminating the caliper. GT-R also has gun grilled stainless steel piston inserts which allows for better cooling.
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