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Originally Posted by mike the snake View Post
Looking around, I see tourbillon watches, and all are WAY out of my price range, $30,000 to infinity.

Would anyone buy a Chinese tourbillon? I found Torous watches, an outfit that carries only tourbillon watches, ranging from 2-5 grand, I assume they are chinese made.

Tourbillons sure are cool.
i agree they are cool, but they are an extinct technology. Some people see them as collectable, so think they are a joke.

They initially designed for at home clocks that stay stationary. They were put in wrist watches because it was a challenge. As people move their wrists around all day, it makes the tourbillon obsolete.

So, to put a value on the complication is 100% up to you. You can find some for about 1000$ Just type tourbillon into

generally the movement is made in China.

I've been very tempted go get one just for the sake of having a tourbillon in my collection. But it's not a movement I go looking for specifically.

Only you can justify the piece to yourself

If you want a bargan of a watch, check out the Grand Seiko watches, they have minute repeaters and everything.