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Originally Posted by edu09 View Post
I have heard the AA back slip on and sounds too loud and raw for my taste, the akra evo is a more sophisticated sound, almost like stock below 3000 rpms but gets very aggressive above, it is a unique sound and the hp you gain with this system is very noticeable, dont think you will get any hp gain with a back slip on exhaust.
Also the akra titanium tips are much better looking than the AA tips but then you get what you pay, the akra evo is much more expensive than the AA
I have the AA axel back Edu09 heard when we met up at the beginning of January and agree with his assessment. The AA has a great sound but is intrusive at low rpm's, not really drone but some resonance and loud, as in louder than the radio at a comfortable volume loud. As a once in a while, no traffic exhaust, it would be great. However, it can get tiresome as a daily driver, stuck in traffic exhaust.

The Akra is very civilized at low rpms, but gets louder at WOT. At WOT and higher rpms, I thought ours both sounded the same. Edu09's is a full system though, I have not heard just an Akra axel back.