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Hey OP, I couldn't agree with you more. I just purchased a 2011 E93 with the OEM iPod interface and I picked up a cradle which is compatible with my vehicle's build date (there are compatibility issues one needs to watch out for the cradles I was told at the parts counter). My Head Unit is CIC ReKo (reverse compatible with previous wiring as a drop-in upgrade).

I plugged in my iPhone 4s which I just bought last week and voila! the iDrive interface began working. I went ahead and did the BT Pairing which was simple as can be, and now everything works that I want to work. You don't even have to name your iPhone playlists with the words BMW any more. You can name your playlists with better descriptions now. Some might not know that the older systems like the one I had in my 07 M Roadster required the iPod to have BMW1, BMW2, etc or something starting with BMW in the playlist name before the system would recognize the list as an actual playlist.

Album art comes thorough without issue as well.

The cradle I have in the center console comes with a fan and for those who might be concerned with the fan turning off, it does shut off. In fact, I came back to my car about a half hour after normal usage when I stopped at home yesterday after doing some running and i had to unplug, then plug the iPhone back into the cradle so the vehicle system would recognize that it was still there. I think it might have been because the phone goes into a low power drain mode when it's not in use. It's no biggie, but it is a slight inconvenience.

As for the FB and Twitter apps, they work as expected. I haven't messed with voice to text entries yet but I will in the next few days.
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