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Originally Posted by Simon_135i View Post
You are right about one thing, this Knicks team SUCKS without him on the court. Being a bay area guy, lets just say I followed Lin when he was playing...wait let me rephrase when he was sitting on GS bench and hooping under Mussleman at Reno. His game def improve significantly since last year however you probably follow Lin like anyone else... all 8 games ago, so while the 15 shot is great, I'm sure he will tell you he needed every one of Novak's and Smith's 3's to win this game.

Good point a win is a win... IMO a good PG should have like a 3-1 assists to turnover ratio 3:1 and the elites are 4:1. And yes, turnovers matters... =)
JR Smith had 15 points on 15 shots.. half of his points were scored on 3's.. There is nothing great about 15 points on 15 shots...

Lin had 28 on 20 shots.. Can obviously see the difference.. Smith is great instant offense.. But, I would rather have a healthy Carmello. We will see.. I am a Knick fan.. Making the argument that I didn't start following Lin until 8/9 games ago is kinda stupid considering he never had any real minutes in the NBA and I don't watch Ivy League College basketball.. So acting like just because you're from the Bay area you know who this kid is... is laughable.

Let's all enjoy together.... All that has happened is we have added one more somewhat decent team to the mix...
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