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Originally Posted by HaveQuick View Post
So where do you get your info from?
When it comes to foreign affairs I just keep an open mind. Sure I listen to the news like everyone else but I listen to what all sides have to say.

Originally Posted by txz4 View Post
You disagreed with the notion that some nation should police another. I argued that its not that clear cut using the holocaust as an example. It has everything to do with proving my point. It isnt 9-11. It was the holocaust and it perfectly serves my example. Furthermore the fact that you think iran isnt creating any nuclear weapon is just refusing to see whats happening. America has imposed stiff sanctions because nothing? Iran has moved warships into the straight of hormuz for nothing? Come on.

I never said it was okay to have nukes, i only reasoned to you why its not AS MUCH as an issue as Iran having them. If they have a crazy leader it wouldnt surprise me if he tried to do something crazy. I.E. attack Israel. Like Javi says, it wouldnt end well for Iran but he also makes the point that if anyone should be worried it should be Israel, which leads me back to the OP. Israel and everyone else who reads that article thinks the Gen. is patronizing Israel.
What I was trying to point out is that people will forever use the holocaust and 9/11 as examples to try scare people into thinking we must take action. "We can't let Iran get weapons it might cause another holocaust". These are just scare tactics.

I think the main stumbling block in our conversation is the likelihood of Iran developing weapons. I think we may just have to agree to disagree lol. In my view, it is certainly possible that Iran is developing weapons. What I'm saying is that is no different from any other state in the world developing such weapons. It is delusional to think that our western states stand only for justice and peace. We actively promote war around the globe and will do anything to justify it and use global media to spread "facts" about terrorism.

Furthermore, I have highlighted the fact we have NO reason or proof to believe that Iran is actually developing weapons. I don't know why you think sanctions prove that Iran is making weapons. Did we not build a case for the Iraq war too? We had much "intelligence" on that matter too but where are the weapons Saddam had? I have already explained another reason for why sanctions are in place, namely to give the west the appearance of pursuing diplomatic options.

In regards to warships in the strait of Hormuz, why does that mean Iran is developing weapons? We (America and Britain) have warships too in those waters! This is exactly what I'm trying to point out. In your mind because Iran has warships (in arab waters!) that this is an indication of Iran's intentions. Why is this? You have already made up your mind that Iran is a terror state and anything you hear you will use that as further proof even if it it could have a different meaning. I.e. Iran could be defending itself, what would be wrong with that? I refer back to my previous point that there are always ready to step up and interpret events in a way that fits the preferred political narrative that our western governments want people to think.

Sorry If I sound rude it's nothing personal against you but I feel that so many people just go along with what they hear in the news.