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2005 BMW 325ci M Sport

Car: 2005 BMW 325ci M Sport
Service: Stage 3 Paint Correction, Engine Bay Clean, Leather Condition & General Interior Clean
- Car was delivered on a weeknight. The owner went on holidays for a week, so I had it at my place. He was considering selling the car. It was pretty straight with original paint (rare) and apart from a few small stone chips on the front, a small chip on the passenger door and a mark in the rear bar, it was pretty immaculate.
- Car was kept clean & washed regularly, but it had heavy swirling which was obvious under sun/lights and watermarks mainly on entire bonnet and roof.
- Side indicators were yellow and slightly faded so they were sanded and polished.
- Leather had a few stains on them from baby food and overall dry leather.
- 3 Stage brought out all swirl marks, also brought out some heavy scratches/marks from the paint work, made the metallic flake visible and the owner was VERY impressed. So much so that he doesn’t want to sell the car!

Before, During and After Photos below: