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2001 E46 M3 - Carbon Black

Car: 2001 BMW M3
Service: Stage 1 Paint Correction
- I got this car early Saturday morning just before the BSM 325ci was picked up. The car was to be prepared for the Sydney German Car Show, so we were pushed for time.
- After getting some custom body work done to the car and a fair bit of money spent on paint work, the car needed a good detailing.
- Previous detailer had left holograms in the paint, wax marks everywhere and failed to make the metallic flake visible in the carbon black paintwork.
- Lower portion of the body felt rough (heavy build up of dirt) and there were a minor swirl marks all over the car, including some watermarks on the boot lid. Also some scuff marks and marring in certain areas.
- See the photos for results. Not many, because we were pushed for time. Notice the flake in the carbon black paint and with swirls gone (given only Stage 1) it was a pretty awesome finish. The car looked fantastic at the show and the owner and I received many compliments about the work performed