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Originally Posted by crabman View Post
Good question and I wish I had an answer This is my daily driver car so (very) loud is off the list as well as anything that has drone at cruising speed. That knocks a fair lot of cans out of contention by itself. I will not be doing the mid section anytime soon if ever due to warranty concerns as my last bmw was a shop queen and a horrid ownership experience. So its slip on only. This puts the Akra evo out of contention although I like the sound. I don't like their slip on sound alone though so Akra is out altogether. I dislike the hanging scrotum look of the stock exhaust and any like it, which knocks off the m performance, dinan, etc. and is also why I don't do the OEM mod and call it a day. You have a whole passel of SS cans in the 1500 to 2k price point that are similar in quality of construction to the Megan here but those all sound to me more Nascar than F1 and I lean toward the latter. Bottom line is I'm not sure. Possibilities I'm still pondering are the Vanguard and some of the valved cans such as the upcoming Evolve piece.
I see. Well the only 3 that dont drone are Akra, Dinan, and M performance. As you stated the latter two hang like scrotums lol.. not to mention the Dinan only has one functional tip which to me looks odd. I guess the eisenmann or gintani sport would also be options, but you can pick up a used AKRA (which is titanium) for a little more than the above two new. Im huge fan.

Here are some sound clips both slip on only and mated with the Dinan X pipe

Did I spend 3500 + 2800? No.