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Originally Posted by cmetter View Post
Sorry about that. Just got excited by the title. haha If I mention your name to them will they know who I am talking about. Tell me something funny to say that only you know from the run...preferably something embarrassing.
Lol ofcourse they'll know me. Everything we do on the rally is fun and or funny. The best was when Nick got arrested for like 130 in a 35 in 2010, but this year we almost got pulled over at 100. We were side by side with Nick and Phil approaching a silver charger at 100. Us in the right lane, them in the left. The charger all the sudden slams on their brakes, KA band blasting, they turn their lights on, and pul over Nick and Phil instead of us.

We got 4th that day, the cop pulls up to the checkpoint and over his CB announces he needs to talk to Nick Steinman, we were all curious but it was because he forgot to give Nick his court date lol
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