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Originally Posted by Dave07997S View Post
There is only so many ways to skin a cat. Very happy with my Megan exhaust and I've had experience with many exhausts in my ownership of 2 E46 M3s to a 07 997S to include, Borla, Supersprint, AWE, Fapspeed as well as Eisenmann.

You guys want to spend the big bucks out there for an exhaust to say you got "brand X", knock yourselfs out. I for one don't feel there is much difference that you will see. The Megan is actually a pretty good exhaust and the fact it copied the Agency Power exhaust doesn't bother me one bit. Who the hell looks under the car and "oohs an ahhs", he's got a Akrapovic...or a Eisenmann or insert any other brand."

This you got an "M3" so it deserves more...LOL, its a car, a nice one but still a car.

I think its about the prestige and knowing you have a superior product in quality,design,sound that really sets most people off.

Like for example i have $3,000 Volk TE37's on my Civic and most people would think i am crazy for doing this. I just prefer it that way when i could have bought a set of Rota's and called it a day i didn't. I bought the forged,light weight wheel with the heritage and prestige behind it which is more gratifying. I will be honest i was very surprised Megan racing even made an exhuast for the M3 when i saw it in person. Ive seen nothing but mediocre stuff come from them the past few years but overall the quality n sound looked and sounded decent.

I just feel when you buy a car such as the M3 which was designed through engineering perfection that it deserves the best and perhaps most would agree. I have scanned this site for almost 2 years now and 9 out of 10 M's feature almost 10k in brake and wheel upgrades alone so whats another few k for an exhuast system lol.