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Originally Posted by Caspita View Post
I have to say it's exciting to see New York be relevant again. But the comment quoted above is the one I'm most anxious to see about. Somebodys stats are going to have to suffer in order for it to work. And unfortunately it will probably be Lin. When Wade was out for some 7-8 games this season Bosh was averaging some 26 points a game. With Wade back he understands his role and averages some 15 points a game. Is he a great individual player without Wade on the court....ABSOLUTELY. Are the heat a better team when all of them are on the court....ABSOLUTELY. I have a feeling it will be a similar situation in New York, but that being said I am most definitely excited for New York, and will anxiously await the game on Thursday.
I don't care how many points Lin has... I care about how many Assists he has.. He is a point guard.. He understands that.
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