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Originally Posted by Simon_135i View Post
Lol, just so we can be clear ... Knicks don't win this game without JR Smith or Novak... As good as Lin was, it was a good all around game for the bench.
Smith scored 6 points on 2 Lin assists in the second half... He also scored 15 points on 15 shots.. 15 shots.. I will repeat that one more time... 15 shots... Novak has been there every game we have won in our recent streak... This must be one of your first times watching a Knick game during the run.. That is okay though.. You will see more..

Lin had a phenomenal game. There is no arguing that. He also proved that the Knicks are completely lost on offense without him.. Let's hope Baron Davis is able to solve that lil dilemma.

Can't wait to see this offense with Anthony..
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