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Originally Posted by justinnum1 View Post
I have, he set the record for most turnovers through 8 starts...everyone of those turnovers is an easy 2 for the heat
He has the ball about 80% of the time. his turnover stats is pretty much his team's turnover stats. And the reason why he's turning it over is because he's aggressive + opponent's good defense/trap.

If you want him to just pass the ball to his teammates whenever he has the ball, I'm sure he won't get any turnovers. His passes actually have an intention. Most of his passes are for assists. He's not playing volleyball with his teammates. I'm guessing because he understands there's no other play makers in his team, so he's forced to create that opportunity and make the last pass.

I'm okay with his turnovers. I'm sure his numbers will go down later when he improves even better....or at least when Melo comes in and hogs the ball.