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Originally Posted by crabman View Post
As I said, I am aware that there are better built pieces out there and that these things don't come free. I'm not against getting what you paid for, if that amounts to nothing more than a name and you are willing to pay that is your business and I have no issue with anyone going with their own groove. It's what we all do. Just don't tell me that these things are not hugely overpriced and expect that I'm going to buy into it. That dog wont hunt.
I'm paying for more than the name. There IS a difference between this and the Akra exhaust. There IS is a difference between a topspeed xpipe and a Dinan Xpipe. Things being overpriced is largely a subjective matter. I personally don't care what people do, it is their own prerogative. But this exhaust is not on the level of the Akrapovic exhaust objectively speaking. Where or not you are willing to shell out 4-6x the amount for that difference is really what it comes down to.