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Originally Posted by crabman View Post
First of all you have a stick in the fire which doesn't mean your opinions are without merit but its something I always consider when I read peoples comments. As to the Megan it is made in China like many others. When you think about it all your research and development, dyno time, materials, everything, would have been covered in how many exhausts at the 1k price point? I'll let you fill in the blank there because I'm curious to see if you're going to be honest. It isn't many and where I'm going is that if that number is more than a tiny fraction of your total production you are not in the exhaust business, you have a hobby.

One other thing I should be clear on, I am aware that some are built better than others. Some do have more research and development in them. These things cost real money. People need to make a living. I have been my own business for my entire life, I get it. What we have here though is a whole bunch of people who have been selling exhausts at a "lets not cut each others throat" price point instead of real value. That's what I really like about this exhaust, it puts the lie out there and makes everyone face up to it, the M3 community has been overpaying and by no small amount.
While I agree with you for the most part. One cannot even compare this exhaust to say the Akrapovic exhaust. Now the Akra is ALOT more... but if you can afford it, I honestly think its worth it. Same goes with my Dinan mid pipe, it is clearly well made and far superior to a Topspeed X pipe. I guess buying second hand top of the line parts is probably the best way to go. I personally would not put a Megan exhaust on my M3, that being said I wouldn't put a Meistersheift exhaust on it either.

The same argument could be made with regard to a lot of things. Clothes being a prime example. Sure you could buy a nice suit from the Men's Warehouse.. it would be functional and it would look nice. But I'd wear a tailored Armani suit over a Men's Warehouse suit any day of the week. Now it is for me to decide if I want to shell out the extra dough. Saying it's overpriced is largely subjective. Some want the best and can tell what is the best, so they shell out the extra coin. Just like the Men's Warehouse suit, the Megan exhaust is functional and it looks nice. But there are subtle things, that some people find appealing. Sound, craftsmanship, etc.

You're driving a M3. Many people would argue it is overpriced and overrated. Why didn't you go buy a C6 vette or perhaps a 5.0 Mustang? Both perform as well. It is the subtle things, the complete package. This is why I bought my M3 and that is why I bought my Akrapovic exhaust.