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Originally Posted by creaminz View Post
Badass M3, LateBraking is one nice & funny dude
I love those Mag Blue TE!
Thanks hyung, you get my vote for baddest build though. I haven't put nearly as much time nor effort into it as you.

Originally Posted by sard View Post
Nice reading your journey and the evolution of your car. It looks great!
Thanks for the photos as always John.

Originally Posted by flipm3 View Post
I love reading build journals. Great progression of the car. If I had the coin to, there is no doubt I would have taken a similar route with the E90.

Volks are hands down the best wheels ever. If there's any lesson I've learned from selling my last three sets of's to NEVER sell Volks! I've regretted selling every single set, hahaha. I just need to start a collection.

Do you feel the upgrade from RS to RS Pro was a good step? I am debating right now if going with a remote canister damper is worth the extra pennies.

Best of luck with your continuous journey with your car. Keep us posted!

Oh, and I voted for you for COTM!!!
Yes, I regret selling my RE30's already....I totally agree. I will Volk so long as they continue to be JWL+R & VIA certified.

To be honest, the remote canisters were more of a convenience item than something necessary, since it's easier to reach the compression adjustment knob. I sold the RS's when I got the RS Pros, and the new owner is completely satisfied with them. As for me, it got more complicated as I now had to deal with making nitrogen pressure adjustments, adding another variable to the existing compression, rebound and spring rate ones. Sure it's a pain getting under the car to do adjustments, but I think RS's are good for 90% of weekend warriors out there, whereas the RS Pros require more attention.

Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
Thanks for the writeup. You do such a good job of keeping your car clean despite track duty. The front of my car looks like someone has been rubbing it with a hot rubber mallet!
1/3 hood/fender and full bumper clear-bra. I hear I'll regret it later when the paint discolors due to it being protected on one part of the hood and not on another, but I'm not regretting it right now. That, and photo editing. My car had just come back from a track day weekend when we put those TE37's on, and if you look really closely, you can still see some of the dust build-up.

Originally Posted by Robmaster View Post
Nice pics!

What's the specs of the RE30?
They were 19x9 ET15 and 19x10 ET15. Was perfectly flush for both me and the new owner with normal M3 alignment specs. (i.e. The neg. 1.6ish camber and such. I'm now on neg. 3 up front and nothing really looks flush anymore! )

Originally Posted by wwjd15 View Post
What a great write up Brian!!! We have one more test and tune day to go!
Yes! Thank you for everything Ricky, I can't wait to finish dialing out my suspension! Sounds like you'll have fun helping Josh out with those Motons from now on too.

And thank you everyone else for all the kind comments! Much appreciated.

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