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Originally Posted by e92Mjunky View Post
well said, for that price they are more than likely made in China or some sweat shop
as far as R/D...thinking outside the box and not copying other designs should be held in higher regard.
When Boost Logic designed the DRB Motosports exhausts for us, they looked at every design on the internet and found ways to improve flow and weight. When we first showed people the exhaust they all balked at the awkward design, however on the car people think it looks great in person and the function is spot on.(plus they are made by hand in Cali) It took them 100+ hours of going back and forth with their fabricator and dyno testing. Not trying to thread jack, just explaining our process with making a exhaust from scratch..
First of all you have a stick in the fire which doesn't mean your opinions are without merit but its something I always consider when I read peoples comments. As to the Megan it is made in China like many others. When you think about it all your research and development, dyno time, materials, everything, would have been covered in how many exhausts at the 1k price point? I'll let you fill in the blank there because I'm curious to see if you're going to be honest. It isn't many and where I'm going is that if that number is more than a tiny fraction of your total production you are not in the exhaust business, you have a hobby.

One other thing I should be clear on, I am aware that some are built better than others. Some do have more research and development in them. These things cost real money. People need to make a living. I have been my own business for my entire life, I get it. What we have here though is a whole bunch of people who have been selling exhausts at a "lets not cut each others throat" price point instead of real value. That's what I really like about this exhaust, it puts the lie out there and makes everyone face up to it, the M3 community has been overpaying and by no small amount.
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