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Dude, I didn't ask for an example of how people can be stupid.
You never answered my question - what evidence do you have that "all democrats want to expand government" and that "Obama has expanded gov't more than anyone in history"? So far, you haven't given me any, because these platitudes are just bullshit stereotypes that are trotted-out every election cycle by conservatives.

None of the repub admins have shrunk gov't, and none of the dem admins have grown it, to any significant degree that one could distinguish between the two. In fact, all the hawks that want to expand our military and make a missionary tour of the world are right-wingers, and that idea most certainly grows our gov't.

Here's a closing thought: instead of worrying about the 1.7% of welfare recipients who have been there throughout a dozen administrations, and who will always be there regardless of who's in charge, think about all those Christian conservative families with 5, 6, or 8 kids, who are paying the same property taxes, income taxes, and medical insurance costs as a family with 1 kid, but are freeloading on the system big-time, and overburdening our schools and our healthcare industry. All because some couple thinks that the world needs a whole bunch more people just like them. Presidential candidate Rick Santorum is the poster child for this sick type of Christian conservative freeloading - it's literally the most selfish thing a person can do.