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Hi Everyone, quick update on the GC street plates. I have now had them on since Dec and adjusted them for the first time today. I'm all stock in terms of suspension and have EDC. Front camber was set to -1.2L and -1.4R at the time of install (at least that's what I had today prior to the adjustment).

Couple of things that I noticed are really nice. The milled slots in the top of the camber plate are to insert your wide blade screwdriver, and lever against the strut tower opening (gently), and adjust the camber without lifting and pulling on your wheel. Works really great and easy to get precise adjustment.

So, what is the range of adjustment on a stock suspension? It's huge (well at least it's pretty big). I went from -1.2 on the left to -3.5, and on the right I went from -1.4 to -3.2. I have a sensitive eye for camber and just looking at my car now the amount of camber looks ridiculous. The markings on the plate itself are not quite to -2.5 mark, the needle is just pointing at the top of the 2.