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So by that logic other nations (America, Britain, Israel, North Korea etc.) should be allowed weapons because they aren't crazy and wouldn't use them? Come on. Every day America uses drones and invades airspace of countries. How many people were killed in the Iraq war? That is terrorism. The problem is world media has convinced people that terrorism = radical muslims. So when do we see actual terrorism we don't recognise it as such. When we America-Britain led wars across the world we see at as some sort of liberating movement to spread peace across the world. Yeah right!


Is not US, is not Iran ... is a few persons on the power.

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I repeat: we have no reason to believe Iran has nuclear weapons or intends to develop any for future use.
I think they are developing, but, like i said, not to attack but to make think twice to those want to take militar meassures against them
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