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Originally Posted by txz4 View Post
there is less of a threat of actual use. Simple. The reason we fear Iran having nuclear weapons is because as schnell said above, they just may be crazy enough to use them. It has nothing to do with oil and everything to do with intentions (this specific case). Korea was flexing its muscles, Iran is out for something very different entirely. Dont forget guys, this same idea of policing other countries could have saved the lives of 6,000,000 people in the late 40s.
This is untrue. We have no reason to believe Iran is developing weapons or intends to use them. Iran hasn't been involved in any recent conflict. That's why America and Britain keep trying to link Iran to terrorism so that we think they are violent and hate all westerners and jews and might be "crazy enough to use" nuclear weapons.

So by that logic other nations (America, Britain, Israel, North Korea etc.) should be allowed weapons because they aren't crazy and wouldn't use them? Come on. Every day America uses drones and invades airspace of countries. How many people were killed in the Iraq war? That is terrorism. The problem is world media has convinced people that terrorism = radical muslims. So when do we see actual terrorism we don't recognise it as such. When we America-Britain led wars across the world we see at as some sort of liberating movement to spread peace across the world. Yeah right!

Also, the holocaust has nothing to do with this but it always fascinates me every time people use this example. 9/11 is used in the same way. Our media has filled our minds with conspiracy theories that every muslim country is corrupt and sponsors terrorism. This "war on terror" is a joke. It's just a premise to invade other lands. There is no real clear defined enemy and at some point we accuse almost every nation of being involved in terrorism. It creates fear and panic and leads to justification of wars.