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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
Yeah, I love that 'lost in translation' argument... the fact is that Ahmedinejad has quite a strong track record when it comes to his borderline insane rhetoric. He knows no measure.

And while I agree with you that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were completely ridicules (in fact Iraq is now completely destabilized, and the Taliban in Afghanistan will be back in power the second the US leaves), Iran is a very different situation.
Well, like I say that is a whole other argument that cannot simply be dismissed in a few words. This is exactly what I mean though. I'm not saying I believe for sure his words were mis-translated, I admit I have not checked it out, but because there is such hatred for Ahmedinejad through world media if he tries to defend his words no-one will believe him simply because we start with a biased approach that the man sponsors terrorism. This is one of the main problems. I have outlined many other issues such as double-standards.

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North Korea has many nuclear weapons and not very good intentions. As many other countries. Where were those avenging people when the developed or acquired? Oh, no oil, no problem ...