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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
Well, to be fair.... Iran's leader calls for Israel to be wiped off the map. So yeah, I'd say that constitutes as a threat. And it IS proven that Iran sponsors terrorism around the world, and they were the driving force of insurgencies in Iraq. So to think that Iran is not a threat is foolish.
Actually, in regards to that one comment Ahmedinejad made we could start a whole new debate based on translation of his comments. I should have added this to my list of accusations against Iran because it is commonly referred to. The issue of Israel relates to the Israel-Palestine conflict, again another topic.

What about the Israeli aggression against Palestine? Is that not a threat? U.S./U.K. wars across the world, are they a threat to world peace? Spy-planes/drones? What about the countries across the world we know for a fact have nuclear weapons i.e. Israel, U.K. and U.S. to name a few.

Also, what proof is it you are referring to? I wonder if it is as reliable as the evidence that we had before the Iraq war. We were told Saddam had weapons.

Bottom line: For me I like to keep an open mind in life. I don't believe for a minute that Iran doesn't have problems. Similarly, our countries are not free from problems too. What I do notice though that when it comes to foreign affairs there are people out there that will justify EVERY move America/U.K./Israel make. Everyone wanted to try use the U.N. when it came to bombing Libya but when it comes to using the U.N. to create a Palestinian state, "this is not the way", "it can only be achieved through talks not a U.N. resolution".

The double standards kill me and it pisses me off so much that no matter what these few elite countries in the world say there will always be people ready to step up and find a way to justify it. In other words, anything America/Britain/Israel say will always be truthful, but anything we hear from Arab states must be false. This is a huge problem. We are always ready to believe everything we hear/read as long as it is published in our countries.

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