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Originally Posted by txz4 View Post
^ you kidding me? everyone knows Iran's intentions, its childish for this guy to come out and say otherwise. Lets not forget last week there was a secret meeting in the U.S. with an Israeli official (dont remember who) and some moron of a congresswoman spoke to the press about it.... I would say they are feeling as if the threat isnt taken seriously, at least thats what it sounds like.

Furthermore, if the U.S. really believed that Iran had no interest in producing weapons and were only intending on furthering enrichment for energy why in the hell would we be imposing sanctions? Its not really hard to see that this general is trying to just minimize the situation in the eyes of all parties involved.
This is not a dig at you personally, but I think this "Iran threat" is the biggest load of BS I have heard. First of all, what is the threat from Iran? The things I hear all the time are:

1) Iran is developing nuclear weapons
2) Iran supports terrorism across the world
- Accused of plot against Saudi ambassador in U.S.
- Accused of links to Hezbollah
- Accused of links with Syria
- Accused of bomb attacks in India, Bangkok etc.

In regards to weapons, there is no such proof of these weapons. Iran say they are developing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and there is no proof of anything otherwise. Furthermore, even if Iran was developing weapons, who said America/Britain/Israel are the world policemen? They all have known weapons and use drones on a daily basis in the name of "war on terror". What a joke.

Every day we turn on the T.V. and we are constantly brainwashed with new reports everyday of muslim links to terror. We simply believe it because government says so. I don't know why people don't notice that every time there is a conflict i.e. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya etc. there is always a media campaign used to convince us that we need to fight these wars. This is because if there is any conflict it can be justified by referring back to media reports of weapons and terrorism.

The fact is if there was no oil in the middle east we would have NO interest in it. Where are Saddams weapons? Is the "intelligence" on Iran as reliable as the info that we went into Iraq with?

Yes, I know this is were people will come in now and call me a conspiracy theorist *flame suit on*, but I think the real conspiracy theories are the ones we hear on the news everyday. There is always a constant build up of "evidence" through media, and it will always constantly be relied on whenever there is a war. The sad thing is many people will be thinking that Iran has/is developing weapons even though there is no proof!

In regards to your second point, why are we imposing sanctions? We are simply doing that to appear as though we are exploring all diplomatic options and because we have the power to do so. I'll tell you what is likely to happen. We are going to say we have exhausted all diplomatic options and use the media to build up constant reports of Iranian links to terror, then we will say "look we tried our best to be reasonable now we need to use force."

Another point I want to raise, is why do we believe everything that our countries say but when another country like Iran makes a claim we don't believe it? For example, look at the bomb attacks on Iranian scientists. Now if this happened to an American/British/Jewish scientist there would be a HUGE media campaign with links to muslim terrorism. Yet if Iran was to make the claim that their scientists are being assassinated we simply dismiss this claim. Why is this? because we believe Iran to be a known terror state?

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