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Originally Posted by STALKER View Post
Your journey is similar to mine, after I started tracking. Mine started with my old E36 M3 years ago.

How do you like the JRZs, what spring rate are you using?
Hated them when I was on wrong spring rates, The R's Tuning has been helping me out with test and tune. Now that I'm running softer rates in the rear, I'm happy. Shocks are excellent.

With the same shocks, I've run 650 front 900 rear, which was terrible on the track I run most often. I reduced the rear rate to 800 and it was much better. I'm currently on 650 front Hyperco springs, but I just ordered some Eibach springs from Ground Control this Friday, which will bring my front down to 550.

In the end, I think spring rates, like alignment, depend very, very heavily on driver preference. I know someone running like 400ish front and like 500 or 600ish rear on JRZ's and Motons? And then I know someone running like 800ish and 1100ish on Motons. Then I drove 500ish/800 on someone else's car and I was pretty happy with it, front was a tiny bit pudgy though.

I wouldn't rely on my spring setup though, and I wouldn't rely on other forum members' advice either. Short of getting multiple springs and trying different rates out, I'd take the time to speak to someone knowledgeable like R's or PF or Ground Control or PSI, etc., and be clear about how you want your car's handling characteristics to be.

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