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Originally Posted by drburton View Post
It seems there is a bit of an obsession on this forum with dropping the M3. Everytime pictures are posted of a car that isn't riding on the bump stops there are multiple posts that say, 'needs a drop'.

I'm starting to believe I may be the only forum member with a stock suspension.

For the few of us who have a stock setup, I thought I would share some reasons why the M3 does not 'need' a drop and some owners are choosing not to drop:

1) The M3 is already pretty low compared to most cars, I'm not sure why there is an obsession with having no gap between the tire and the fender.

2) The appeal of the M3 to me is that it is a very capable car that can be used as a daily driver. If dropped, a number of clearance issues come up in daily driving - parking curbs, speed bumps, slanted driveways etc...

3) To add on to #2, if you live in a state that gets snow, clearance is a key variable. I can't imagine navigating a Minnesota winter with a dropped car.

4) A drop impacts ride quality. If I wanted a stiff ride and no clearance I'd buy a GT3

5) I think there is a valid argument that BMW did a nice job engineering the suspension for the M3. Not sure why I would want to potentially upset the balance by throwing in aftermarket springs (comment doesn't apply to coil over)

The intention of the post isn't to judge the members with a drop. I'm just providing some reasoning why some M3 owners don't 'need' a drop.
If you're driving in snow conditions, I wouldn't do it. Spacers or aftermarket wheels whith more offset help the appearance a lot. I have the Dinan Stage 1 springs, and I feel they help the looks significantly with little detriment to ride.


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