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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
You must've been debate club president; why don't you offer something other than "people are stupid" and "yes he has"? So far, all you've done is insult me.

Personally, I always think "people are stupid" when I hear someone suggest that raising the top tax rate will lower revenue.
Than you agree, many people are very stupid. To illustrate my point, I was gassing up an employees work car some time ago, at the pump was an advertisement for cigarettes after the last huge tax increase. I dont smoke, neither did she, I asked her what she thought about it. She responded "its good because smoking is bad" so i asked, "what if they do this to fast food are sugary drinks?" she responded with "oh no, they wont do that, that would be horrible!". She didnt understand that by allowing one thing to happen, she was in a sense paving the way for another. Maybe its not stupidity, but at the very least ignorance and short sided thought. People constantly do things that will hurt themselves physically, mentally, or otherwise. I have many very obese employees with medical problems caused by their eating, yet when i come into the various locations i see them chowing down on pizza, soda, fried chicken, and burgers. The doctors have told them how to solve the problems they have but they dont care.

I would call that stupidity but your free to call it what you will. Obamacare is a perfect example of that theory but on a much larger scale. Coincidentally it is also an example for your next question on the expansion of government. An ideological expansion can be worse than i physical expansion scotch. Not to mention the parties expansion of HHS and taken control of certain business with the use of SEIU and UAW investment money. The investment as part of TARP play into that as well. Though im sure you dont remember, TARP 1 was initially slated to buy toxic debt of financial books. We now know that instead of doing this, it invested in these companies. Gov. funds come with MANY strings attached, and many ex Goldman employees can and did say what this caused. It also of course didnt solve the problem as you cant solve the issue by just buying a stake.

Dont forget about the governments expansion into making horrible investments as of late in the guise of "thinking green" despite various obvious political affiliations. Not need to bring up Bush, scotch, though i know you want to its the same thing. we both agree on that subject.