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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
I think this is conservative catch-phrase #1, "growing the gov't". It's bull, a myth. Why would anyone (other than someone looking to get a gov't job) want more gov't to give their taxes to? Obama doesn't, he hasn't, and his "fan base" (as if he's Justin Beiber) doesn't want more gov't.

The 2010 census caused a temporary increase in gov't jobs. Other than that, Obama hasn't launched any new agencies (like Bush did with homeland security, Afghan/Iraq wars, drug czars, etc). And the idea that anyone would want more people on public assistance is idiotic, as is the claim that the jobless are itching to vote for the incumbent.
Glad you caught the fan base bit.

The simple answer about who would want government growth the answer is many. Many many people in America are simply stupid. simple. If you dont believe Obama has expanded government your delusional. Really. This isnt a belief topic, it is or it isnt their is nothing to believe or disbelieve.