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Originally Posted by DanPlantation View Post
My BMW Remote works after I downloaded it off the UK site. Why its not available in The US store is a mystery. The only problem is I can only lock/unlock the doors and locate the car as long as its within 1,500 m. No climate control, lights or horn control? Not sure if its my model (2011 335 IS) or a US limitation?
In the midst of trying to figure out how to get the app to work, I stumbled upon something in the fine print of one of the things I was reading - it said that some features won't be available in the US so you might have figured out which features we're limited from using. If I find the info again, I'll come back and post an update with a link.

-----------added 2/24/12------------
Well, I finally took a few minutes to call the Customer Service toll free number and the operator was able to do the following:

1 - confirm my UserID as my full email address
2 - confirm my password which I already knew
3 - eliminate prior vehicles I've owned and registered with BMW Assist (she said this would prevent the app from working)
4 - confirm that no other email addresses were associated with my current BMW's VIN
5 - inform me that the full email address and password need to both be entered in ALL CAPS.

She said wait about 30 minutes for the change to take place (for the elimination of the old vehicle I still had under my account). When you call, you'll need the last 7 digits of your VIN.

So I didn't wait the 30 minutes. I loaded the app and I was able to log in with no problem and for the M3, only the remote lock/unlock feature and the vehicle locate feature are enabled. I tested the feature and it works - lock and unlock though I'm having a bit of a hiccup with being able to find my car with the app and I'm standing right in front of it!
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