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Originally Posted by MJM View Post
Frank, do you also have the BMW Carbon Fiber dash trim set installed? If so can post a few pics of a view of the dash and the center console? I am trying to determine if the console piece along with the dash trim is it too busy looking.

I have the full set of carbon fiber trim pieces on order and will certainly post pictures once it's all installed. I'm pretty sure it will look fine with the rest of my all black interior. Looks good now with the carbon leather weave.

Originally Posted by Chowster View Post
Nate, what's involved with installation of the centre console? Thanks.
Installation is really straight forward- takes about 20 minutes. I started by removing the DCT shift knob and boot cover (all one piece) first and then carefully started removing the center console by gently applying upward pressure on the retention clips on either side of the shift boot area. It's easy to see where all the clips are on the new console trim piece so you know where to apply pressure on the old trim piece for the remaining clips. There's a couple of wiring connectors to unplug to completely remove the trim piece. Once removed everything gets swapped over to the new CF trim piece mostly by retention tabs (you can see them in the pictures Nate posted). The ashtray assembly is removed via 4 torx screws. The ashtray door is held on via 5 rentention tabs (I used a plastic trim removal tool to pop it off) and the new cover snaps right on. Plug all the connectors back in, make sure all the wiring is free and clear, snap the main retention clips down and your done. I really wanted to document a DIY guide as I was installing it, but I was too damn excited to get it done. I'm sure Nate can correct or add anything if I missed it.