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There you go again... You are just like your fearless leader 0bama, you can't keep your word. Keep living life with your head burried in the sand, pretty soon it is going to be to late, but something tells me that will be alright with you.

Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
You need to check the definition of "hypocrite"; it is well illustrated by juxtaposing your first two sentences quoted.

What prompted the first statement, anyway? I noted that the rhetoric in your post was remniscient of a certain "type" - I never claimed anything about you.

I'd love a smaller gov't, and I'd like lower property taxes, but neither of them have or will happen, regardless of who's in office, so I don't whine about it. As far as entitlements, the two significant ones are SSI and Medicaire, and I've yet to hear anything coherent from the repubs on those. Meanwhile, all of you are spending your time complaining about the 1.7% of the population that's on a significant amount of welfare. Get your priorities straight.