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Originally Posted by DrSpock View Post
I wish BMW would make more colors available, even at a premium. For example, to the poster above me, how did you get the titanium silver stitching order put in? I can't imagine that a SA would just say "Sure, no problem." to a request like that...
BMW does offer more colors, BMW individual, just ask your SA to send a request in for whatever you want. From what I understand as long as that plant (plant your car is being built in) has that color in their system (cars made in the US like the X3 don't have many) BMW NA will say okay, but usually the cost of a special color is around $4,000! it used to be $2,500 about 5-6 years ago which I think is reasonable, $4,000 is not. I almost ordered Monte Carlo Blue for my X3 and my SA thought they might be able to do it since the X5M has that color, but decided $4,000 (10% of the cars base price) was just insane.

If I do get a M3 Sedan when the new ones come out and they will do a fire orange with orange stitching for say $5,000 in total, that would be super tempting for me, would have to actually keep it for more than 3-4 years though if I pay that much since you know you are not getting anything back when you trade it in...