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Originally Posted by FmaxTurboSi View Post
Hornet plate on the front has go to go and would prefer carbon leather trim, but other than it....It looks awesome!
Sadly in Australia both front and rear rego plates are mandatory. Otherwise how else will they get their revenue from all the mobile/fixed speed cameras and redlight cameras! (unlike here in the US where the cops are pretty lenient on no front plate).

I love the colour and really think it depends on where you live.
Here in Pacific NW, no f*cking way would I own it though....the tree humpers heads would pop off and you'd be slung up as an earth killing non-conformist, hipster hater...(personally don't have a problem with that).

But in Queensland, Australia where this car is, the weathers warm /hot and tropical most of the year, and the colour just works.

Also Holden has been doing bright colours on their HSV Commodores (think Pontiac G8-GXP) for years now, so the tastes of people there are more used to it. So a bright green M3 is a nice middle finger to what I affectionately call 'bogon sleds'. (Aussie for redneck)