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Originally Posted by Brainofjjj View Post

Sat - 2/11 - Alignment done at local shop. Specs are not all within BMW spec on the Hunter machine but I was ok with that because i was going to get GC camber plates.

Front L = -1.4 camber
Front R = -2.2 camber
Both heights the same but i coulnd't get anymore out of the left.
Rear L = -2.4
Rear R = -2.3
Camber seemed fine but could get no additional toe to bring within spec.

First question: Why would you get an alignment when you are going to get GC Camber plates? You should have installed the springs and plates at the same time, and then gotten an alignment afterwards.

Originally Posted by Brainofjjj View Post
They think that the alignment is so out of spec that the computer is malfunctioning.

Does this make sense to anyone?
No, this doesn't make sense.

When I had my Dinan springs installed, the tech couldn't get the alignment right.
about -1.2 on one side, -2+ on the other
The reason for this was he installed them incorrectly.
MRF engineering fixed his mistake, and when I went on a Hunter Alignment machine, I was able to get my alignment dialed in.
so -2.5 both Fronts. (my rear never had an issue, -2 on both sides), I forgot my toe settings (I think neutral toe F, a little in the rear)
point is... my alignment was off for a couple of days, but I had 0 errors, no lights, nothing. The car just drove a little awkwardly (obviously)

It doesn't make sense for their to be DSC malfunction etc just cause your alignment is off. it DOES make sense if the install was done incorrectly.

You should have the install checked, either by the shop that did it, or another shop