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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
Some valid points, but the problems in Greece have nothing to do with socialism. The problem with Greece is (was) the ridiculous large government, employing people with no real jobs (government jobs), and no real economy. No exports and mediocre tourism at best, folks retiring too early (with government pensions), and tax evaders that make the wall street crowd look like commies.

And it looks like Germany will have to pay for this mess. Public health care, or any other similar programs didn't even remotely play a factor to the collapse.
I disagree with your assesment behind the cause. In fact just about everything that you cited is a bi-product of their socialistic government. While true the government is to big, which is often the case with a socialistic government, Greece's debt crises has little to do with the fact their government employs to many people, as I said it's just a bi-product. The problems lie in an ideaology that a government's roll is to provide for the people. Greece continues to sponsor entitlement programs which it cannot afford, going into debt doing so, not much unlike what is happening in the UK and very much the direction this country is taking. That is why there is rioting, people do not want the government to take away the hand-outs. Laying off government employees is a short-term fix to a problem that runs much deeper. The fact they have "no real economy" is further evidence that a socialistic government does nothing to create jobs or bolster an economy, that's just smoke and mirrors.