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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
Some valid points, but the problems in Greece have nothing to do with socialism. The problem with Greece is (was) the ridiculous large government, employing people with no real jobs (government jobs), and no real economy. No exports and mediocre tourism at best, folks retiring too early (with government pensions), and tax evaders that make the wall street crowd look like commies.

And it looks like Germany will have to pay for this mess. Public health care, or any other similar programs didn't even remotely play a factor to the collapse.
The kind of socialism this regime wants is exactly like what you described of Greece. Think of Europe like the U.S. the responsible states have to pay for the irresponsible ones, and because of irresponsibility business moves from unfriendly to friendly states. Similar to the Euro debt crisis when the burden caused by collectors on producers becomes to much a debt crisis is born.

Regardless if what the guy a few post above said was a "2006 tea party battle cry" or whatever you called it, it doesnt make it less right. Last i checked pythagorus is old news yet his theorem still reigns true.