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Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
REALLY??? That is really scary to hear because it would seem to me not only does Obama fall into several of the categories in which you describe, but many others which in my opinion are far worse. He is a liar, a socialist, a man who routinely attended the church of a radical prejudice preacher, a man that worked with and socialized with terrorist Bill Ayers, a man who has surrounded himself with many people in his administration that touch on every one of your categories to include known tax cheats, corruption etc.

It is clear to me you have no idea what is going on with this country right now and are either uninformed or blinded by the man's charisma, which unfortunately descirbes a large majority of people in this country, which in itself is scary to think about. I will take any one of the GOP candidates over a man that is running this great country of ours into the ground; okay Ron Paul scares me a little bit.

This country is lead by a man that believes the government is here to solve everyone's problems. A man that believes in robbing Peter to pay Paul while Paul chose not to get a high school education sits on his ass all day collecting a pay check funded by yours truly and has otherwise no incentive to get a job. A man that believes the government actually "creates" jobs. A man that believes in a government that should regulate every aspect of business and your life to include requiring you to get health care. A man that believes continuing to sink this country into financial oblivion while at the same time borrowing money it does not have from communist China to fund this administration's social programs/agenda at the expense of my children's future. A man that believes he can spend this country into prosperity. A man that believes prosperity is a strong BIG government in which its citizens have become dependent on for their survival. This is a man whose beliefs and agenda fly in the face of this great country's founding principles and has a complete disregard for liberty and freedom.

The average debt you and I owe because of the fiscal irresponsibility of this and past administrations totals approximately $55k for every man, woman and child living in the US and that amount is rapidly growing. I will vote for anyone that is NOT Obama this election, because we cannot afford to continue down the path we are on.
This looks like a post from a tea-partier circa 2006; try updating your battle cry.

And by the way, for a country that was deep into the largest recession since the great depression just 3 years ago, we're doing pretty damn well. Many of us have posted evidence of this in this forum, over the past year or so, so I'm not going to repeat it here. Of course, you're entitled to vehemently disagree, as I'm sure you do. Just be aware that I'm not about to rehash every debate I've had with posters like you. Have a nice day!