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Originally Posted by Elementary View Post
I don't think you can compare a KW CS shock dyno to any top shelf damper, it has much less range.

Example - you can download the dyno on a TTX36 HERE

Compared to a KW V3 valving (KW CS will be slightly different but not by much)

I believe that the TTX pdf shows damping curves using different shim stacks/valving at 12 clicks of compression and rebound... whereas KW's plot shows damping curves using the same valving but at different compression and rebound clicks. But point taken.

Range is one of many aspects of looking at a damper. Other common criteria include resolution (how fine one can adjust the damping), repeatability (whether click #12 will always give you the same curve), consistency (whether the damping curve changes significantly under heat/repeated use), crosstalk (or lack of, this is whether a change in compression setting affects rebound, or vice versa), internal friction, lift force, hysteresis, cavitation, etc. etc. Point is, there are many, many factors to consider.

I think that the value of the Ohlin's TTX line is that they are extremely simple to use and tuneable to whatever damping curve/shape that tickles your fancy. They are of a twin tube design and the shock piston is solid (unlike most dampers on the market), so all damping is controlled by the external valves mounted behind the knobs you see on the body of the shock. And because of these external valves, changing stack/shim can be extremely easy without the need to open up the entire damper.

Most dampers on the market achieve damping by controlling fluid displaced by the shaft (typically about 2X mm dia. or so), where as TTX controls fluid displaced by its solid piston (as large as 46 mm). This is especially important for formula cars and/or cars which have very little suspension travel.

Ohlins also provide a very high amount of resolution between different 'clicks' which can be appreciated by pro drivers who are consistent enough in their driving to notice the slightest difference.

For those who are really interested, I've attached the TTX40/46 users manual. A lot of great information inside.
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