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BullRun Rally 2012, looking for a co-driver!

I've done BullRun for the last two years, I can get a discounted price. I am looking for a co-driver with $6,000 and a BullRun worthy car.
The only car I have is a full on non-streetlegal RaceCar, we could take that but It'd be mighty loud lol.

Co-Driving means equal, neither of us would be hogging the wheel.

I can offer you this -

Discounted Pricing.
2 years of BullRun experience.
1/2 of the gas for the rally.
ESCORT REDLINE radar detector.
A real Police Scanner
A certified stunt driver with the knowledge of REALLY knowing how to drive a car properly, not some douchebag that just wants to try to go 200MPH.

ALSO, If you own a business, and you advertise on the side of your car, THE WHOLE RALLY IS A TAX WRITE-OFF!!!!! It's classified as business advertising.

And as always the BullRun comes with all of this... (copied from the BullRun Website)

"The Bullrun 2012 Rally is less than Eight months away, and this year will be the biggest and baddest year yet! The World famous Bullrun rally will be returning to its early years with a classic LA to LA West Coast loop. With this year’s rally starting and ending in LA, of the most glamorous cities in the United States, the Bullrun 2012 Live Rally is sure to be a blast! Since the start and finish line is in LA, the destination cities in-between are anyone's guess!

This year’s rally kicks off with another spectacular launch party – Hollywood style, on June 22nd 2012. It is followed the next morning (exact start time TBA) with another fantastic start line location! The exact location is being kept a secret for the time being. The rally will be started yet again by a special celebrity flag girl. Who will it be this year? Los Angeles is Bullrun's home town, so you can expect some big things from the start and finish line this year! The rally will finish 7 days later with a huge finale party that you could only expect from Bullrun in Hollywood, USA, followed by the much anticipated awards ceremony. Last year we had some incredible competition for the coveted Navigator Belt, and this year will probably see more teams navigating to the trophy! But the question is, who will claim the coveted Bullrun Navigator belt this year? It's never gone to the same team two years in a row. Could this year be the first?
This year’s route is going to take even the most veteran Bullrunner by surprise! We could be heading South one day and North the next - such is the mystery of the Wild West Run! As always, the rally will wind its way through some of the coolest cities, both well known and unheard of - giving the drivers an experience you'll never forget! Not to mention we've got some great checkpoints this year! Who's got the need for speed? We've got some great race events lined up this year!

The Bullrunners will start each day not knowing where they will be heading next. Such is the allure of the Bullrun rally. At the beginning of each day, the Bullrunners will be handed their route cards that contain the much anticipated route details. The drivers will navigate their way to a series of checkpoints, learning their next destination as they receive their next route card. We could be heading to a racetrack, a unique dining experience, a well-known city or one of America's undiscovered gems. As always this year’s Bullrun rally will be fuelled by an impressive schedule of events that will remain top secret until each leg begins. Have no fear, the route this year will blow you away!
This year’s rally takes place from June 22nd- June 29th and without a doubt will be the most glamorous rally of 2012!
As with every year, the 2012 rally drivers will be the stars of the original Bullrun television show; “Cops, Cars and Superstars”. The show will be in it’s 9th season and currently airs in over 96 countries around the world! Yes, the 2012 rally will be broadcast in the USA on MTV and in the UK on Channel 4! You could be one of the stars of the show! Plus TV coverage might help you attract some serious sponsors!

What can you expect from this year’s rally? Fantastic cars, great people, exclusive Bullrun only events, mind-blowing roads, incredible scenery and some top-tier racing circuits. As with every year, the Bullrun will be joined by special celebrity guests from the worlds of sports, music and entertainment, but most important of all, petrol-loving, rubber-burning gearheads. Of course we’ll also be hosting some of the best parties music performances in Bullrun history and of above all, everyone will have one hell of a good time!

To sign up for the Bullrun 2012 Live Rally, please contact and be sure to provide details including your name, your co-driver’s name, the car you intend on driving, and some background info on your teams and why you want to be a part of the Bullrun. The entry fee for the rally is $20k per team. This fee covers you and your co-driver for the duration of the rally. The fee includes accommodations at 5-star hotels, 1st class meals, epic parties, and admission to Bullrun’s impressive schedule of events for the 2012 rally.
You don’t want to miss out on this year’s festivities. It’s going to be a blast, so don’t miss out! Get ready for the rush of your life!"

You read that correctly, all meals are paid for and very high class, parties each night are paid for (usually there is more than enough table service to have to order your own drink), and this will truly be the week of a lifetime. I have done it twice before and let me tell you, there is NOTHING on earth like BullRun, it must be experienced to be believed.

Please PM me if interested, or email me at

Serious inquiries only.
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