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Originally Posted by R A W L S View Post
All, I just sold my second e90 M3 and bought a 2012 Mustang Boss Laguna Seca. I was tracking my M3 and was so sick and tired of pussy footing around the dealers to protect my warranty. With the Boss the dealer does track prep work on the car and pats me on the back on the way out and says they can't wait to here about my tracking, and if anything goes wrong they'll be there for me. Yes! I feel so f'ing liberated! Even if it Is a Ford. The Boss cost 40% less than the M3 and it is BETTER and more FUN on the track then the M3. It's not as good of a daily driver, but I am lucky to have another car for daily use. For now, Ford has got my number. But I will be watching the next gen M3/4 and M2 closely. Hopefully they make another great, and trackable car with a softer warranty program. I doubt it, but I hope so. Best.
The higher end Mustangs are no joke. Ford is really getting it right. Enjoy !!
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