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Originally Posted by Crisp
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You can still go pick up the car. Like I mentioned before, my car is in my dad's name and the financing is in his name. I pay for it but the financing and car are in his name. I was the one that gave my passport to David Aviles and I was able to pick up the car with my wife. That was a question I had. The person purchasing the car doesn't have to be the one picking it up.
Wow more info please.

Who signed for the car in Germany then? Was the paperwork signed before hand?

2 dealers told me that I would have to put it under my name to pick it up in Germany. That's why I'm confused. But obviously if you did it, it's doable.

My uncle will be purchasing the car for me and will be in his insurance. However, he will not be coming to Germany to pick up the car.
So what prep work did you do / or your dealer, to make this happen?

Thanks in advance!
Speak to David Aviles (Eurocarsonline) here on the forum. All the paperwork is done here in the states so your uncle will sign everything here. Then you can go pick up the car in Germany.
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