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Originally Posted by Crisp
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How about this one:

If the car is registered under Person A, can Person B go to pick it up in Germany without Person A being there?

I heard no, only the person who's name the car is under can pick it up.
That's the only thing holding me back now from doing ED.
The person who bought and paid for the car via stateside dealer and submitted their passport, has to be the one picking it up.
Well, there goes another answer to "why doesn't everyone do ED".

I priced out the vacation for 4 nights and it came out to $3k per person including gas for 1k miles at $12/gal.

Not bad at all.

Guess I have to live with PDC now.
You can still go pick up the car. Like I mentioned before, my car is in my dad's name and the financing is in his name. I pay for it but the financing and car are in his name. I was the one that gave my passport to David Aviles and I was able to pick up the car with my wife. That was a question I had. The person purchasing the car doesn't have to be the one picking it up.
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