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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
I'm free for sushi tonight..
Tempting but I gotta save it for tomorrow. How'd it go last night by the way?

Originally Posted by nastynogales View Post
thanks, we'll see.

the fucking dealership is being a bunch of tight asses and wouldn't release the car to me tonight, after they said to show proof that I was approved for a loan by my credit union. Then right before I leave work, the manager says, 'Oh no, we need the full amount before we release it' - WTF... totally flipped the script on me... needless to say it got contentious. It went even as far as "Hey you can walk" - as if they don't give a shit about my business... all I can say is - never EVER go to Pacific BMW for any business...

oh here's what i'm getting out of... dropping the 'S' from the MS3
No matter what you have, roll on out buddy! Sorry to hear about the delivery issues, I know the feeling. I was delayed picking up my car b a week due to a "paper work technicality" which had me Hopefully you'll be able to grab it tomorrow.

Nice shots of the Mazda! I love those
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