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So, thanks to those who offered advice. Daimon wasn't available this week at Curry's Chantilly, and they actually recommended I call the Curry's Dulles for some reason. Aaron now works at the Dulles location but was off today as well. I ended up going with RRT and they did an awesome job, no scratches! They have pretty impressive facilities and some brand new equipment, including a touchless tire mounter they just got 3 weeks ago, hunter road force balancing machine, and a pretty fancy looking alignment machine (all a little over my head, but very shiny). I have a very open 5 spoke wheel design and they hid the wheel weights behind the spokes which was very nice touch not done on my last install. They were pretty attentive to detail and even put each wheel lock opposite each valve stem, etc. I would highly recommend them for a tire/wheel install, as was the best experience I've ever had with this by far. Their estimate on springs install on the other hand was a little reedonkulous...maybe chose someone else for that particular service.
Will post pics soon.