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Originally Posted by Rekrul View Post
So I got my Dinan X pipe. Have had the slip on for a few months.... wow is all I have to say.

I love the slip on. Its subtle yet aggressive at the same time, it was a pricey mod but I don't regret it whatsoever. As you all know, there isnt much power added. We all want more... which leads me to think I will probably supercharge my car within the next couple years. As I have been infected with the mod bug.

As for the xpipe, it made the akra deeper for sure. It is louder, but not unbearably so. Windows closed and music turned up, you cant even tell you have a full exhaust. There is still no drone whatsoever. The craftsmanship on the pipe is lovely, you can tell it's not garbage. As for the power? Oh yeah definitely noticeable.. the tires break loose much more and the DSC light comes on much more. It sounds like a thoroughbred race car, deeper down low and then higher pitched up top... and it pulls faster all the way to the lovely 8400rpm redline.. kind of caught me off guard. All in all I love it. As for the smell... it really isn't that bad. I kind of like it actually.

I will post sound clips, I took some strictly akra clips earlier. Tomorrow Ill do the whole thing. Now I just need to find a Delete R
Skip the delete R and get a tune.