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I ended up getting a GP-6S (less expensive version of GP6) and it arrived today. Quick impressions vs. the Stilo ST4 W Composite that I tried.

1) The Large size fits me perfectly. The Stilo seems to run slightly bigger depending on your head shape, since the Large Stilo was also too big for the OP.

2) Awesome balance. Doesn't feel top heavy at all.

3) Interior is more soft than the Stilo. More like a soft sponge.

4) Visor opening mechanism is extremely convenient. I like it better than any other helmet I've tried, including the Stilos.

5) Build quality is really good. Stilo build quality was great on the outside too, but the Arai seems great all around.

6) The shape of the ear cups in the Arai fits me a little better.

7) Arai makes a unique shell for each helmet size, so the overall size is minimized. I don't have the Stilo Large side by side to the Arai large, but the Arai seems smaller. Stilo makes two shell sizes to keep costs down and then adjusts the padding on the inside. If you fit into a Medium Stilo, you will have the smallest shell size for your head. But Large and XL share the big shell on the Stilos. Not a big deal either way.

8) Visibility is good. I didn't have any complaints with the Stilo Wide, but peripheral view with this Arai non-wide helmet is slightly better. Up and down view is about the same.

9) The Stilo has better venting in the mouth area. 4 vents vs. only 2 with the Arai. As hard as I tried to fog up my visor with the Stilo, it did not happen. With the Arai, I can do it if I try, though I don't think it will be an issue in practice.

So overall, great helmet. Only negative is it's not as exotic looking as the Stilo since it only comes in white and I'll have to source my own electronics.

But like I said before, the Stilo is a very nice helmet. If it fits your head, it may be the right choice! It doesn't matter how nice a helmet is or how many features it has. Comfort is the most important thing, and if that's not right, don't get it.

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